What to Expect in 2021

While we are at what appears to be the height of the Pandemic, there is LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. Between Christmas and the New Year Holiday, two of our Interns, who are completing their Clinical rotations at the Soldiers' Home in Chelsea, Massachusetts had an opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  They received their first doses and will have their second doses in four weeks.  They were allowed to receive the vaccine because the administration there recognized them as front-line health care providers. 

It is our hope and expectation that by the Fall of 2021, when you are starting your Internship, our lives will have resumed some normalcy.  Since we are not there yet and most preceptors have been living and working day by day and even hour by hour, and not spending time thinking about precepting Interns in the Fall, we are pushing out the date by which our Interns have to identify preceptors. You should feel free to continue to seek Preceptors for the Fall.  We suggest that you concentrate on Community and Food Service as your initial rotations and hold off on Clinical until your third rotation. Facilities which provide opportunities for Clinical rotations may be more accessible in the next few months as the vaccine becomes more available, than they are right now.  That is not to say that there are not Preceptors and Sites willing to commit to you now, but they are particularly busy and may not be able to plan this far ahead.  The opportunities in the foods service and community areas are actually growing in leaps and bounds for a very simple reason, people need to eat and they are in great need fo help.

 You are entering our Profession at a time of incredible challenge, but at a time when the opportunity to learn from professionals in our field and others are at the top of their games and being challenged to reinvent everything they are doing and sometimes even themselves. Please see our "How to Apply" tab for updated application instructions and watch for our "Chat with the Director" sessions which will be held at least weekly from now through the Spring. 

 Take care