Contracts and Affiliation Agreements

What is an affiliation agreement or contract?

An affiliation agreement is a contract that is required between Priority Nutrition Care LLC and the supervised practice site/facility. These agreements will be completed between the Priority Nutrition Care legal counsel and the practice site/facility AFTER the intern has been matched to the program and before the Intern can start the supervised practice/internship. Priority Nutrition Care has a standard contract/agreement. Some facilities prefer to use their own contract or agreement, in which case the legal counsel of Priority Nutrition Care and the practice site/facility attempt to work together to reach agreement. In either case, the agreements are very similar. Please note: Not all affiliation agreements can be successfully negotiated.

All documents must be exchanged between the Internship and the Facility.  The Intern's only involvement is to find out if the facility wishes to use their coontract or the Internship's contract and provide the contact information to each party.

The fully signed agreement must be in place before an intern begin rotations at the facility. 

The program makes all reasonable efforts to obtain the signed agreement.  There are instances that, regardless of all efforts from each party, that an agreement cannot be reached and signed. Even if this happens at the last minute, without a signed agreement the intern cannot report to that site for supervised practice. Due to confidentiality and privacy issues PNCDDI will not provide information regarding sites with previous agreements/contracts.