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The Priority Nutrition Care Distance Dietetic Internship has been carefully developed, thoughtfully crafted and its quality rigorously tested to offer one of the best programs in the country. We've developed a unique  accredited Internship that provides the necessary knowledge and practices to position our graduates to enter the dietetic field feeling prepared and ready to demonstrate his or her preparedness, while taking into consideration the necessity for future Registered Dietitian Nutritionists to complete an Internship that is sensitive to their personal, family and other commitments, close to home saving them time and money.

Priority Nutrition Care's entire team is thoroughly committed to the  success of our Interns. See what our graduates have to say about the program.

I would recommend this internship to others because I feel it was very beneficial to have such a self-directed experience. The CRDN's were challenging but I believe each of them helped prepare me for my career as a Registered Dietitian in some way. I feel like I have grown as a nutrition professional and I am so ready to enter the profession thanks to this internship. This internship meant a lot to me personally. During my undergraduate program, I did not do as well in my some of my classes as I had hoped and was considered a very "average" student. I was led to believe that I had no real chance of obtaining a dietetic internship since I did not have a 4.0 GPA. I felt very discouraged after graduating, and sort of gave up on my goal to become a RD. After two years of working in jobs outside of the nutrition field, I finally decided to try and get back on track and give applying to dietetic internships a shot. I knew someone who had completed this program prior and encouraged me to apply, and I am so glad that I did. This internship provided me with an opportunity that I never thought would be possible, and now here I am studying to take the Registered Examination for Dietitians. It has been quite the roller coaster ride but I can honestly say I am so happy with the way things have turned out. Everything happens for a reason and I just could not thank PNCDDI enough for this opportunity.

Diane Pierzchala RDN Framingham State University

It was flexible, and I was able to personalize my internship based on my interests. I didn't have to relocate, and I made close relationships with each of my preceptors. It meant getting closer to my long term goal of becoming a dietitian. I learned so much and gained great experience in the field.

Erin Mulvey RDN Syracuse University

I would definitely recommend PNC because of the flexibility it provides its interns in location. Being able to set up rotations in the place where you would like to practice allows the intern to establish very valuable professional connections. Additionally, finding your own rotations when in a distance program allows the intern to practice in rotations in which they are most interested and obtain job offers that may not be available to them in a traditional internship. Through most of my time in university I did not think that I would be able to match to a dietetic internship. My undergraduate education was particularly challenging in the sciences and I was afraid I did not have the science GPA necessary to be admitted to an internship program. Finding and matching to a program that looked at the intern's abilities and experience level as a whole instead of just classifying them as numbers showed me that I could match to an internship, and, once I began the program rotations, that I was actually very capable in the field of dietetics. Although there were many challenges throughout the program, I am excited to be a graduate of Priority Nutrition Care.

Isabelle Gawel RDN University of California, Berkeley

I had a great experience and received a lot of support throughout my internship. I enjoyed choosing my own rotations, but still liked having weekly meetings. This internship has taught me so much about nutrition and practicing as an RDN. I have met so many people and received immense support from Mrs. Manion, the program coordinators, my small group, and my preceptors.

Jessica Zinn RDN Syracuse University

I believe the level of autonomy and freedom to network and build our reputation as professionals was largely in part to the PNCDDI structure as a program. The distance option gave me a large level of control, and I felt that I was able to have far more experiences, and built strong professional relationships with some of my colleagues who are in "traditional/non-distance" DIs. This internship allowed me to get one step closer to becoming a RD. Additionally, the internship allowed me to network and build professional connections on my own. This has helped me tremendously, and during interview, I have received more praise and respect from the interviewer because I was a Distance Intern. I learned a great deal from my preceptors, Program Director, and I will have fond memories of my experience. I also made life-long friends and networking colleagues from the individuals in my cohort.

Jody Herman RDN Drexel University

My preceptors were all extremely helpful and I am so grateful I got the opportunity to learn from them during this process. They all answered any questions I had about the process and I would not have the knowledge and experience I have now without them.

Julia Holz RDN Appalachian State University

I really liked this program! I liked the ability to do a distance program and I feel prepared to take the next steps into my future career. This internship gave me the opportunity to take steps to my calling and purpose to help others find freedom and healing through nutrition.

Kara Meyer RDN Virginia Tech

The convenience of not having to relocate. This internship gave me the ability to obtain my supervised practice hours while being a mother to three kids. Since I was able to find rotations in my local area and because the internship can be completed in 8 months, it was possible for me to achieve my goals without disrupting my life too much. I am glad a distance opportunity like this is available. I like that it increases the options for those aspiring to become an RDN.

Kari Rolle RDN Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

It was a positive experience. The last step in becoming an R.D. learning about the different fields in dietetics.

Katherine Baird RDN The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

I greatly increased my professional communication skills through this internship. I could not agree more that choosing our own locations provided a sense of personal responsibility to those locations and preceptors. It also helped me to make numerous connections in the geographical area I would like to work. I also found it advantageous to hear the experiences from all interns from different areas in the country. I realized how some areas are more advanced than others in terms of nutrition. It meant the world to me truthfully. I first heard about dietetics in 2011 but it took until 2015 to act on my nutrition degree. I was so happy to hear about a distance internship as a possibility- especially one that both challenged and supported me. It was great to work in my home town community and see the growth that is occurring nutritionally. All of my preceptors (and family) was highly impressed with the requirements of the internship. I cannot thank everyone at PNCDDI enough! I am so grateful for this opportunity. Please let me know if there is anyway I can help out in the future!

Katherine Scharenbroch RDN University of Wisconsin Green Bay

Completing this internship gave me a sense of accomplishment and pride. This has been one of the most stressful and trying times for me personally as well as professionally. Being accepted to this internship has given me the ticket to the career I have been working towards for the past 7 years. This internship was literally a life-changer for me. It helped me to identify my weaknesses as well as find strengths in myself of which I did not even know existed. For instance, I was very organized and punctual with assignments/matters which concerned my preceptor and those sites, but found myself not being that way with assignments for the internship. This was a negative in my professionalism but because of this internship, it brought light to this issue and I therefore will be able to avoid such a problem with future employers. A strength that I found in myself is my ability to provide nutrition education and relate well to patients. I have a background in customer service but did not think that I would be as good as I was at teaching; I even had one of my preceptors ask if I had considered and would consider a position as an educator. Hearing that was very rewarding to me.

Kathleen Isberg RDN Bastyr University

This was a hard question to answer because I think this program is a great option for only a specific kind of person. Someone who is interested in a distance program and who is an independent, self-motivated learner. This internship means that I can now work doing what I love and making twice the amount of money I was before the internship. It means my family will be able to meet our financial goals sooner (paying off student loans, owning a home, etc). This internship was an opportunity for me to prove to myself that I can apply the knowledge I have right now, to help people right now. I am a cautious person and often feel like I do not know enough yet to really make a difference. I have had to get over that mind set to make it through this internship. I have had to counsel people, make handouts, right reports, give advice, make recommendations, etc. on the spot with the knowledge I have now (which is more than I realized) or what I can acquire and make a judgement on quickly. It has given me a new desire and confidence to apply my knowledge and not keep it to myself. People are hungry for nutrition information and I now feel ready to give it.

Kelly Herbert RDN University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

This internship was extremely organized and I felt supported throughout. This internship was the final step in my education towards becoming an RD. I loved the fact that I was able to build my own internship with rotations all within Western Massachusetts as well as work a full 40 hours/week, unlike that of many other internships in my area. I have a great amount of respect for both Mrs. Manion and Paula Reveliotis who are so caring about the interns as well as well-established business professionals. Thank you to the PNC team for everything. I hope to stay in touch and wish you all the best.

Lauren Gage RDN University of Massachusetts Amherst

It taught me how to be more independent, especially within the professional world. Walking into a new "job" every 4-6 weeks meant meeting new people and building new relationships, on my own and I loved it. This internship taught me how to work together with people, even when we're across the country from each other. Doing a distance program truly allowed me to make my own schedule for rotations and to spend more time learning and working in the areas of dietetics that I am most interested in. Thank you for everything!

Lauren Lyons RDN Saint Louis University

I would recommend this internship to others. This internship really fosters independence and personal decision-making, which is so important moving into the work-force. This is a huge accomplishment and will help me to better provide for my family. Also, I am just proud to finally be a member of this professional group. It has been an absolutely fantastic experience for me!

Martha Larkin Kelly RDN University of Georgia

This internship has prepared me to be a future RD. I feel that I grew a lot during this internship and gained an extraordinary amount of confidence. I was able to be independent but also reach out and receive help when I needed it. I am thankful to have gotten two amazing preceptors who are in this program and have fostered some pretty amazing relationships. I cannot wait to take what I’ve learned and be the best dietitian I can be. I am so excited for the future!

Mary Mageria RDN Simmons College

I would recommend this internship to other students because it is a challenge to get accepted into an internship and there are many students needing to get accepted. Getting one step closer to being a dietitian and being able to pursue my passion towards helping others obtain a healthy lifestyle.

Megan Zorich RDN University of Central Missouri

When it comes to distance programs, there are several factors that make PNCDDI stand out. For instance, I do not know of any distance programs that form groups for interns in similar geographic areas to interact and work with each other. In fact, many distance programs do not have enough interns in their class to provide that sort of thing. In addition, the main rotations in PNCDDI are 8 weeks long, which allows interns to have well-rounded experiences in each area. Other programs focus heavily on the clinical rotation and neglect other rotations. I felt like I was part of a special group, being that we were only the 6th class of an relatively new internship program. PNCDDI has to compete with other programs from well-established educational institutions or enormous food service companies, so it definitely feels like the program is an underdog. I always root for the underdogs, and even so, I feel just as prepared as any future dietitian should.

Nicholas Lee RDN Saint Louis University

I think a distance internship is great. It meant so much to me and I learned a lot the will help me in my future career.

Olivia Garcia RDN Queens College

I believe that distance internships may be more meticulous during the application process, however, there are a lot of perks. The intern is able to tailor their own experience, by choosing preceptors and sites. I am extremely grateful to have completed a dietetic internship with PNCDDI. The distance program provided me with the flexibility to focus on areas that I wanted to gain more experience in, as well as the opportunity to develop a network of professionals in my field.

Olivia Love RDN Central Washington University

The Internship offers flexibility in selecting your own rotation sites, communicates expectations clearly, and supports interns throughout the internship experience. Although you have the flexibility of a distance internship, you also feel connected to other interns through weekly meetings and group messaging. Because of the Internship, I will be able to achieve my goal of becoming an RD. Without the flexibility of a distance internship, this would not have been possible. I am extremely grateful for all the support I received, especially during the first rotation when I experienced a difficult family situation and had to take a short break from the internship.

Pamela Sherrill RDN University of Northern Colorado

I would recommend this internship because of the Business focus it provides. I really appreciated the business plan assignment, as I would love to open a business. I used this assignment to create the business plan I can hopefully use when starting my business. I also really appreciated the ability to choose my own rotations. I was able to choose from areas that are of interest to me, and it led me to get a job! Without this program, and the connections and contracts Mrs. Manion has in place, I would never have been able to work at Renfrew Center (which has always been my dream job). I learned a lot during this internship. I feel as though I have become more independent during the planning of my rotations. I did not get into any of my internship choices during the first round match, and when I came across this program, it seemed like it was meant to be from the start. I was really upset about not getting into my top choice, and after completing this program, I realize that everything happens for a reason! Thank you all so much!

Rebecca Alcosser RDN Syracuse University

I would (and already did) recommend this program because it is so unique in that you can live across the country but still feel like you're a part of the class. A lot of thought and planning goes in to coordinating everyone's sites, reviewing assignments, and being easily accessible to answer questions. I feel that my enrollment was valued by the internship which helped me enjoy being a part of the program. I have been working so hard to get to this point and can't believe I am finally here! Based on the experiences of people I know in other internships, I would not choose another program. I am proud to be a PNC graduate and am so very thankful that they helped me to reach my goal of becoming an RD.

Rose Urkevich RDN Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI

I believe there is a place for everyone and for me, a distance program, though not want I would have preferred, fits my life at this time. Moving was not an option and working with professionals in my area was a great way to get connected.

Sandra Peirce RDN Seattle Pacific University

I would recommend the internship to other students as you have the opportunity to explore different sites/areas of nutrition unlike other internships. Many internships only have one or two sites for the entire internship, but with priority you are able to have up to 7 different sites and preceptors. Not only does this help you decide your interests, it helps with building your network. When I was accepted to the internship I did not know much about distance programs. All I knew was that I had to find my own preceptors/sites. I took a lot away from my internship experience. Not only have a made friends with future RDs that I would have never met otherwise, I have made strong personal connections with mentors. I know that these connections with my fellow interns and mentors will help me along the studying, job search process, and far in the future. Having various rotation sites helped me learn what areas I liked best and least. I found that I enjoyed certain parts of each area and could see myself working in different areas at different points in my life. Without doing this internship program I would not have known how much I enjoyed working with senior population. Before I started my internship, I had heard from several people who went through different internship programs that "it was the worst year of their life." I definitely disagree with this statement as I feel like I had mostly positive experiences that helped me grow as an individual during this internship. I met so many people I would have never met and had so many experiences that I do not think I would have had anywhere else.

Sarah Federoff RDN The University of Rhode Island

It was such a huge accomplishment for me. I never thought I would get to where I am right now and am so excited and proud of myself. Thank you for helping me achieve this!

Sarah Knox RDN The University of Akron

Thank you for all you have done for us throughout the internship. It has been a great journey and I hope you feel that it went well and are excited for the next group! I really enjoyed my internship and am so grateful that I was able to make it specific to my interests and make networking connections throughout. I will continue to encourage others to apply for the PNCDDI and can't wait to see what the internship looks like in the future. Again, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to allow me to continue to pursue my dream of becoming a Dietitian.

Hannah Brass RDN Colorado State University

This internship granted me the ability to pursue my professional goals as a Registered Dietitian. While it was very difficult to manage my time, the amount of discipline and growth gained from this internship has sculpted me into a competent professional.

Adrienne Rae- Velasquez RDN Cal Poly Pomona

It was great to be able to set up your own rotation sites! This internship to me was a great opportunity to gain organization skills since we were required to set up our own rotations. I learned how to be self-directed and to prioritize my work. PNC was a great program that I am happy to have been a part of!

Alexa Siminsky RDN University of Rhode Island

I would recommend this internship due to the ability to make it what the intern wants it to be and to find rotations that they are interested in. This internship was a good experience and I am excited to begin my professional career.

Allison Henson RDN Miami University

I would recommend this Internship for the individual that can self motivate. It allows you to get as specific into areas that you are interested and really explore the area of dietetics. You have to be your own boss but depending on the person that could be great. This has been a goal of mine for about 2 years, so to finally get into an internship and be allowed to have some freedoms with my location choices was exactly what I needed at this point in my life. And now I have landed in a dream job of mine so to be given the opportunity to be an intern was such a blessing.

Alyssa Bransley RDN Clemson University

Being required to form relationships with preceptors and build your own schedule taught me time management and organizational skills that I will hold on to forever. I loved being in control (to an extent) of the facilities I could potentially spend my time in. This internship meant that I have accomplished everything that I have worked on for 5 years in undergrad. The amount of times I have felt discouraged and not good enough as some of my classmates during my undergraduate career, I never thought I would have made it this far and I am so proud of myself and happy to be a PNCDDI alumni.

Alyssa Pernice RDN University of Delaware

This internship allowed me to be self-motivated and independent. I was able to set-up my internship at sites that interested me and would aide in my education within fields I am interested in. I was also able to make many connections within the field that will help me in the future. This internship was a great accomplishment for me. I was able to prove to myself that I am capable of becoming a Registered Dietitian but continuing to work hard, stay organized, and gain experiences. I got out of my comfort zone many times which was beneficial in my experience as an intern. I have learned so much and thankful for the experience PNCDDI provided me.

Andrea Keiser RDN Colorado State University

I have recommended PNCDDI to my former coworker at Community Medical Center. As long as you have your sites mostly set, it is a good, cost effective internship. This internship was a culmination of many, many years of school. It feels amazing to finally be done and be able to get my RD credential.

Anne Sugrue RDN Rutgers

This program allowed flexibility in the rotations. We are able to find our own preceptors and do our supervised practice in areas of interest. Although it was difficult for me to find a FS or clinical site in Boston, I have been more than satisfied with the experience I've gained. In speaking with fellow alumni from school, I found that the structure of the program allowed me to develop closer networking relationships. Hospital-based program has interns with multiple preceptors from one week to another. Being able to be with a preceptor for 4-8 weeks allowed me to build up a lasting impression and relationship with both my preceptor and the staff at my sites. I grew both personally and professionally because of the independence this program allowed.

Annie Sam RDN Drexel University

I was able to hand pick whom I’d be working with and the locations. Yes it was hard work to make the internship schedule work but I feel I received a unique experience while meeting all internship requirements. I was able to work with people I knew or chose and in most cases I was the only intern, so I felt I had more one-on-one teachings. I was also able to spend time in another state (with my family) which I wouldn’t have had the opportunity with another internship.

Anya Hoger RDN University of Minnesota

I would recommend this internship. The internship is well-organized and each intern knows what is expected of them. I developed friendships with people that live hours away from me and in different times zones which mean a lot to me and I feel confident in my ability to practice dietetics.

Ashley Belew RDN Middle Tennessee State University

I found this internship to be extremely flexible due to the nature of it being distance. I did not find the work load to be too much and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I feel well prepared to start my career as an RD. It provided me the confidence I needed to start my career. It provided a network of other students to connect with and discuss our experiences.

Ashley Stickley RDN Virginia Tech

I think the internship did a great job of providing guidance and support while still allowing for interns to learn and make decisions independently. This has meant everything to me. When I look back over the last 8 and a half months, I can't believe how much I grew both personally and professionally throughout the internship. I'm ready to take the RD exam and enter the workforce because of how well I was prepared by my preceptors and the amazing PNC team, who were always encouraging and supportive. I've accomplished so many things that I was a little bit scared to try. As I move forward with my life and career I'm grateful for the solid network of professional support that I built throughout the 8 months and for PNC for challenging me in a very positive way. My confidence is at an all-time high. Thank you to the entire PNC team for believing in me and for making me part of the family!

Brianna Wordell RDN University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

I enjoyed that I could set my own rotations. I was able to choose sites that were of benefit to me and not necessarily where I would be placed in other internships. I was able to pursue and receive further experiences. I made friends and I felt part of a community even being in a distance program.

Brianne Binford RDN U of North Carolina at Wilmington & U of Alabama

I was very happy to have the opportunity to complete a distance internship allowing me to stay in my home area. I also work well and learn best on my own and this internship allowed me that freedom. This internship meant that I could move toward my dream of becoming a dietitian so that I am one step closer to working with diabetic clients and making sure that such clients gain the knowledge they need to be healthy and manage their disease. I am happy to announce that as of this past Saturday I am officially a Registered Dietitian !! I begin my new position this week as a PRN Dietitian for Crozer Health System where I will be working in both inpatient and outpatient! Very exciting!!! Thank you for providing me the opportunity to achieve this dream.

Danielle Volpe RDN Westchester University September 11, 2017

I liked the freedom of being able to choose my own rotation sites and not having to relocate. My preceptors were absolutely amazing. I liked the orientation that was provided before the program started. I went to Boston for the first time and it was a new adventure for me. I have made lifelong friends with my small groups and seeing them every week was great for mental support. The weekly webinars were also great because I got to hear what other interns were doing. I am please to announce that I have passed the exam!! Thank you for all your support and guidance throughout the internship.

Reiko Kobayashi-Wagner MS, RDN Bastyr University September 12, 2017

I have already recommended this internship to many nutrition students. Although challenging at times, I believe this internship has taught me how to take full responsibility and use my network and resources wisely. I would also love to precept future interns and help them with additional networking opportunities. This was a great opportunity to grow as not only a nutrition professional but as a person in general. I learned so much from all of my preceptors about various nutrition topics regarding different populations, but more importantly, I learned and practiced expressing many professional attributes throughout. Within these past 7 months I feel I have grown tremendously in how I present myself to others in a professional manner. I can't thank the entire PNC team enough for helping me complete this program and preparing me for my future career in Dietetics! I wanted to inform you that as of 7PM tonight I officially passed the RD exam. Thank you all so much for everything you have done for me throughout my internship experience. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to starting my career as an RD!

Lauren Gould RDN Johnson and Wales University September 11, 2017

"I feel that distance programs are a wonderful choice for any student searching for an internship program. PNCDDI was a great choice for for me as a non-traditional student. PNCDDI gave me the ability to manage my schedule the way I needed to. I could set up rotations with people who I enjoyed working with and who would know me personally. I felt many preceptors had a personal investment in me in a way that assigned preceptors from another internship would not have. Being a wife and a mother, this internship was very do-able. Meetings were done virtually rather than in person and assignments could be completed at my own pace. My small group was a great support system. I'm very happy I had the opportunity to meet with them every week throughout the internship. We plan to remain connected throughout our journey as dietitians. My Program Coordinator, Maria Hall, was so great to talk to every week and I'm happy for all of the stimulating conversations I got to be a part of in our Wednesday night meetings! Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Manion, and Kelsey were all very responsive to questions emailed throughout my experience.

Devin Fudge RDN Texas Womens' University