Program Completion Requirements

Interns must fulfill the rotation requirements within established time frames and receive ratings of four or better or other prescribed assessment measures on all required activities, assignments, and associated demonstrations of competencies.

The assignments must all be verified with the appropriate program and preceptor approvals and a Interns must complete a minimum of 1000 supervised practice hours within 25 weeks (or as determined through evaluation of Prior Assessed Learning (PAL).

All evaluation forms and logs must be complete and signed by preceptors or Program faculty and on file in the Program office. All other documents required by the Program must be complete and on file in the Program office, including an exit survey. All required information must be uploaded to the Intern’s shared drive. In special circumstances (medically related or major life event related absence only), as defined in the Intern Handbook, an Intern will be allowed up to 30 weeks from the scheduled start time in place at the time the student enrolls to complete the program.