How To Apply For Our Class Which Starts September 2021 

(Second Round)

Applications accepted from:

*Applicants who did not receive a match to any program in the current or a previous application period

*Applicants who have not previously applied for a Dietetic Internship

Please note: We do not accept second round applications from applicants who applied to our program in the current application period and did not receive a match. We will consider applications from applicants who applied to our program in previous matches and did not receive a match.

Our team will review completed applications within 24 hours of receiving them and a decision will be made shortly thereafter.  Opportunities for Internship positions in our Program are limited and therefore, if we offer you a position, we will expect you to have reviewed all of our information and be prepared to accept the offer immediately.  Please email us at Admissions.PriorityNutrition@Gmail.com if you have any questions. 

Complete All Application Materials    

1. A completed application through DICAS - If you already have an application in DICAS, please log in to your account and redirect your application to Priority Nutrition Care. 

DICAS (the Dietetic Internship Centralized Application Service) collects application materials in one place so that you need only to send your information to one place and Internships may view your material easily.  DICAS has nothing to do with decisions about who is matched to an Internship.  Their sole responsibility is to provide a place online where your application materials will be stored. It is very wise to start your application now.  You may go in and out of your application as many times as you want as you add or edit information. You will not be able to get the information needed if you wait until the last minute. You will need forms completed by your DPD Program Director, your references, and your transcripts among other things. Since the individuals providing this information will be responding to many requests, it is important to make these requests VERY early.  DICAS has released an overview video which shows how to navigate through the sections of the DICAS application. View the overview video below.

2. A completed Priority Nutrition Care DI SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATION

This application is submitted directly to our Program through a simple online form. The fee is $75 payable by credit or debit card.  

3. Completed Preceptor Information Forms  Due June 1, 2021 for Rotations 1 & 2

Your Preceptor fills out this form which is located on our website www.PNCDDI.com on the Preceptor page.  The information on these forms is used to confirm that the Preceptors that you contacted have agreed to precept you.  This is not an application to be a preceptor. They must be completed and submitted by your PRECEPTORS.  Use the Preceptor Contact Form button below, which is submitted electronically.  There is additional information using the Preceptor Information button below. As an applicant, you would benefit from becoming familiar with this information.

4. Rotation Schedule Form  Due June 1, 2021 for Rotations 1 & 2 Click here

This form is used to list the locations for your rotations and preceptors. You must complete this form and include your sites for the first two rotations. If you submit the form as soon as you identify your first rotation, it would be very helpful to us. When you find your next rotation, you must submit the form again.