Application Process

First Round

In the FIRST ROUND MATCH, applications meeting our criteria for admission, or viewed as competitive (meaning they may not meet the criteria exactly, but appear to be potentially successful candidates), are reviewed several times by the Program Director and Application Review Committee. Applications are discussed by the group and ranking decisions made. Your application is reviewed as a whole. Interviews are NOT part of the process but you may receive a call for clarification of information.

Second Round

Unlike the "first round match", there is no actual matching during this process. Instead, applicants apply and are accepted or not accepted on a rolling basis. Decisions will be made on complete applications within 24 hours and offers must be accepted immediately.

If and when the Internship decides to participate in the Second Round, which decision is based on whether there are openings in the Program, the information and specific instructions will be posted on our website. Generally, the application process and admission requirements are identical, except that D&D Digital is no longer involved.

Applications for the Second Round are Welcome from Applicants

Who did not receive a match in the just completed match.

Who did not receive a match in previous rounds.

New applicants who have not previously opened an account in DICAS.

Important Dates for Applicants 

For Class starting September 2021

Applications will be accepted for the Second Application Period until all positions are filled.

The following items are required:

A completed application through DICAS

Click to view the DICAS portal.

A completed registration through D&D Digital (For the First Round Only)

Click to view the D&D Digital 

A completed Priority Nutrition Care DI Supplemental Application

Click for PNCDDI application.

June 1, 2021 The following items are due:

Completed Preceptor Information Forms

Click to view our Preceptor Contact Form.

A completed Rotation Schedule Form which includes at least the first 2 rotations

Click to view the Rotation Schedule Form.

The schedule form is used to list the locations for your rotations and preceptors. You must complete this form and include your sites for the first rotations and your clinical rotation, which may be one and the same.

Important Details

Admission Requirements

Please visit the Admission Requirements page to see our admissions criteria.

Preceptor Requirements

Please visit the Preceptors page to see criteria for selecting Preceptors.

Rotation Requirements

Please visit the Rotations page to see our site, time and Preceptor requirements.