Covid Vaccination Requirement

Priority Nutrition Care policy requires that all Interns be fully vaccinated (2 vaccines and a 2 week waiting period following the second vaccine.)  Vaccines must be administered within the approved time frame for each vaccine. 

If the definition of fully vaccinated is changed to include a booster, Priority Nutrition Care Distance Dietetic Internship will require that all eligible Interns receive a booster.

No religious exemptions will be granted.  Medical exemptions will only be granted with extensive documentation of potential adverse impacts on the Intern's health from a minimum of two MDs.  Even if a medical exemption is granted, a site may refuse to host an Intern who is not fully vaccinated, as is their right. 

Since you are entering a health care profession requiring face to face contact in close quarters with employees and patients/clients, it would be impossible for sites to make reasonable accommodations for you and still protect their staff and patients/clients due to staffing and numerous other issues.