Covid Vaccination Requirement

Priority Nutrition Care policy requires that all Interns be fully vaccinated (2 vaccines and a 2 week waiting period following the second vaccine.)  

While documented medical and religious exemptions may be allowed by the Internship, after documentation is submitted and reviewed, Interns must consult with their selected rotation sites and inform them of their declination of the vaccine.  Since you are not their employee, and giving exemptions may result in an undue hardship to their facility, they are not obligated to allow you to be in their facility while unvaccinated, even with an approved exemption from the Internship.  If an Intern is not vaccinated and the site agrees that the Intern may participate at the site, the Intern must provide an email and waiver from the facility saying that it does not require students to be vaccinated and that the Internship will in no way be held liable for any claims made against the facility due to Covid 19 or conditions resulting from Covid. If the facility does agree to accept an unvaccinated student or Intern, and agrees to sign the waiver, the facility may require very specific conditions, such as frequent testing at the student or Intern's expense.

We are hearing from health care systems and other facilities on a daily basis saying that they will no longer accept unvaccinated students or Interns under any circumstances. The following is an example of an email that was forwarded to us from one of the health care systems with which our Interns often participate:

"Good Evening, Education Leaders:    

 Attached please find important, updated information pertaining to the decision by XYZ Health Care System to require all students of every type, from every school and program to be vaccinated against COVID-19.    While each school may elect to grant exemptions for religious or medical reasons based on the institution’s own internal criteria, those exemptions will not be accepted by XYZ Health Care System at any of our locations after 5PM on September 30, 2021.   Please read & review the attached and immediately forward this information to all universities, colleges and educational institutions with which your hospital or location is affiliated.  Please share this information throughout your local leadership teams and thank you in advance for supporting the highest standard of safety we can afford the students we host."